Race Information

Race Information Pack 2019 - Click Here


Bike Route

The Bike Ride will be ridden in an anti-clockwise direction - South Harting first.


Run Route



All the Race Information you will need:

Race Briefing Times

Allow plenty of time to register so you can rack your bike and prepare for the race. 


My First Triathlon

Petersfield Triathlon Club is a friendly, local club and we keen to see as many first time triathletes as possible. Here are some top tips for first time triathletes.

Race Distance

Swim 0.4km, Bike 20km, Run 5km

Swim Course

The swim is being held in the pool at Churchers College. This is a 25m indoor pool and you will need normal swimming trunks or a trisuit.

No wetsuits.


Transition Layout

The transition area is the same for swim/bike and bike/run. It is laid out on the playing field just beside the pool.

Race Rules

The race will be run under the British Triathlon Federation rules and refereed by their sanctioned referees. Please ensure you are aware of the rules regarding drafting for the bike course as you may attract time penalities otherwise. Full details of the rules of the British Triathlon Federation can be found by clicking the British Triathlon button to the right of this page.

Getting to the Venue

The race is based at Churchers College in Petersfield. Link to map


Registration will open at 7.00 am, first race briefing will be at 8.00 am and the first swimmers will start at 8.15 am. Slower swimmers will go first and we will email you a briefing time about two weeks before the event.

Car Parking

Parking is available within the grounds of Churchers College. Please arrive in good time to give yourself sufficient time to register, rack your bike and otherwise prepare for your race.

Race Insurance

To participate in a triathlon you must be insured and we will provide you with a British Triathlon Federation day license as part of your race entry fee. The day license insurance is third party insurance. Only those entrants who are members of the British Triathlon Federation will not have to pay this fee (membership confers insurance cover). The cost is £5 and is included in your race entry fee.


During the entry process you will be asked to give details of medical conditions. This will remain confidential and only be used by the medical team attending the event.