Starts from September 18

Thursday Nights - details of the location of each session will be posted on Facebook each week. Organised by Paul Hawes.

Coached interval training session, on roads & footpaths - wear something bright.

Additional running sessions in association with Liss Runners. For more details click here.


Have you been bitten by the cross-country bug? If not, you've got some catching up to do because more and more triathletes are realising just how beneficial a winter of cross-country running can be. As well as being one of the most effective ways to maintain a good aerobic base in autumn and winter, cross-country running will do a great deal more than simply keep you at a certain fitness level. This is because the country puts up resistance unlike roads and pavements. Plus it’s a great fun way to keep in contact with fellow club members during the triathlon close-season.Petersfield Triathlon club is one of over 20 clubs who participate in Southern Cross Country League. Athletes compete in 6-7 multi-terrain events of around 4-6 muddy miles held between October and March. There are some 300 runners at each race and a team comprises 5 men and 3. For more information & results see here.