Weekly Run Sessions:

Each week we meet for a club running session.  On a Thursday night (which changes during the summer months to accommodate swimming) gather in the Petersfield Open Air Pool car park, at 7pm.  The sessions vary from week to week in terms of intensity type and distance, but are always arranged so that runners of all abilities and speeds can take part.   During the months where daylight is an issue, the sessions will tend to be more towards the interval type session.  Once we have enough daylight then we will sometimes venture further for a group distance run.

Please make sure your clothing and footwear is suitable, and that you wear something bright as we are usually on footpaths and roads.

The run coach and leader will vary each week with a rota of club members each bringing something different to the mix!   Details will be posted each week.

Additional running sessions in association with Liss Runners. For more details click here.